Landscape lighting is needed to create attractive appearance of your territory at night. Landscape lighting is an important part of outdoor lighting.

Here we include decorative illumination of trees and ponds, lighting of paths. The decorative garden lighting is now considered to be the most effective method of landscape design. Proper garden lighting plays an important role in creating an aesthetically perfect plot and gives an opportunity to draw attention to its advantages, or vice versa, hide its shortcomings. Our landscape lighting designer will help you to enhance the beauty of the vegetation!

At present, it is impossible to imagine country life without landscape lighting. One has only to think about the fact that most of us are present at home only in the evening and it is simply impossible to admire the beauty of the garden without creating the landscape lighting.

The landscape design and a thousand-year history of its development is closely linked with various kinds of arts. In the first place, the landscape design is associated with the architecture, sculpture, painting, as well as such activities as plant cultivation, earth excavation and others.. 

In the diversity of historical styles the landscape design, during the period of its development, has formed two clearly visible main areas: regular (geometric) and scenery.
In the planning of a regular garden the symmetrically located geometric shapes are used: rectangles, rhombuses, triangles and circles.

The landscape design of this trend is typical for the ancient gardens of the East, Greece and Rome.

The landscape design of a scenery trend is characterized by the smooth lines in the layout of the garden echoing the curves of the roads, uneven terrain, as well as free contours of ponds, lawns and glades. Landscaping of the stylistic direction refers to the gardens of China, Japan and several other eastern countries.