Planting of greenery

Landscaping involves selection of ornamental plants and their planting.
For ornamental planting the best trees are those that are distinguished by their size, beauty and variety of forms, the abundance and type of foliage, hardiness in extreme heat, cold, drought and humidity. The best shrubs in landscaping will be those that differ in beauty and duration of flowering

As to landscaping we carry out the following types of works:

  • Beautification of lawns is one of the most popular landscape works. In order to lay out a lawn it is necessary to plan the area properly, prepare the ground for planting and choose the best grass mixture for each section of the lawn. We can also offer a relatively new but already popular type of lawns – a roll turf. The quality of any type of lawns in our company is high.

  • Planting of trees is a kind of work without which no landscaping is possible. In this work, it is important to observe the basic principle - a justified and skilful mix of trees of different types, considering the fact that the trees in the process of growth will occupy a larger area of ​​the plot. Our experts select only the appropriate and high quality planting material and properly place it on the plot.
  • Laying out of flower gardens is the most interesting and creative work. There are so many types, styles and shapes of flower beds! Full play to creativity is limitless. Our designers for landscaping suburban areas and city streets create beautiful flower gardens that are pleasure to the eye both of the owners and passers-by during the flowering period. Work on the flower garden - implies mandatory artistic taste, the knowledge of a large number of flowering plants suitable for flower beds, Rabatte (a rectangular narrow flower bed (width 2-3 m) along the fence or path with one or several sorts of plants) and rock gardens.
  • Creation of rock gardens - can become attraction of the garden and any plot of land. It is important to choose the right place for rock garden and skilfully select the plants. Our designers have implemented several works on creating rock gardens and none of them resembled another.