In spite of owning even a small plot of land, gardening sometimes takes a lot of time and physical strength. Even properly designed and organized by professionals the garden requires periodic care.

When you start designing your plot of land, you need to decide in advance, whether it will be a garden requiring little care or a project in which care for the garden will take a lot of time.
For the successful growth and development of plants in your garden be sure to contemplate the drainage system. It will help to avoid waterlogged soil that is harmful to many of the plants, but diseases and pests, on the contrary, are developing actively at higher humidity.

Gardening begins immediately after the landscaping. An important role plays the quality of planting material itself and the rate of its acclimation. Already young and only transplanted plants need great attention. When beginning with the gardening, the first thing to do after planting, is to abundantly water the plants. If necessary, tie up the plants to stakes for their proper growth.

Caring for garden include:

Caring for trees and shrubs, necessary operations - loosening the soil in the circle around the tree trunk, watering, whitewashing the trunks of trees, pruning, treatment against diseases and pests, fertilization and covering  heat-loving plants for winter.

Pruning of trees and shrubs should be done in early spring or mid-February, and almost to the end of spring (depending on weather and climatic conditions) and in the autumn, when the growth of branches stops.

İntroducing of fertilizers under the trees and shrubs increases the intensity of their growth and development. But, nevertheless, fertilizer application, as well as, in principle, the gardening in whole, requires strict adherence to the rules! Fertilizers of organic origin, i.e. animal or vegetable origin – have a good influence on the soil structure and stimulate the growth of the root system and development of flower buds. Mineral fertilizers do not remain in the soil and are directly absorbed by the plant

Watering is one of the most important measures of care for plants included in the total care for the garden. The main purpose of watering the plants - providing the roots with moisture. But in addition to traditional irrigation, such technique as a sprinkler irrigation is often used when the aerial part of plants is watered,. This has a particularly beneficial effect on conifers. 

Treatment of plants against pests and diseases, as a rule, is carried out several times a year, if necessary - more often. For the first time the treatment is carried out before flowering of plants. Spraying the plants with special preparations allows preventing the development of diseases and propagation of pests. Weather during the treatment should be quiet, windless and rainless. Spraying should be carried out in special clothing and it is necessary to take into account the safety, as many drugs are harmful to human health.
If you have a pond on the plot, the care for garden will take even longer. Waste products of fish and other inhabitants of the pond, vegetable residues - all of them pollute the water. Every autumn the owners are faced with water "algal blooms". With its first manifestation, it is desirable to collect water plants and weeds with a rake or shovel. In summer the water evaporates quickly, so it must be periodically added to the pond, it is better to use settled water for this purpose. In winter the water is drained from a small pond, otherwise it will freeze through to the bottom.

Caring for rockery organized in the garden starts from early spring - loosening of soil and removal of  sprouted weeds is carried out. The main difficulty in caring for rockery is weed control.
Caring for a garden, of course, includes caring for the lawn, because grass has long been an integral part of any plot. It needs to be regularly cut, feeded with fertilizers, watered, cleared of  trash, etc. Special care is required for the lawn in the first year of its creation: periodic  watering, monitoring the emergence of weeds or diseases.
Thus, it becomes clear that the gardening is not an easy work and  requires much time and effort. Therefore it is better to turn to professionals or hire a gardener.