Winter garden

Winter Garden - this is one of the most difficult types of interior decoration. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is both the garden and living quarters at the same time, and as a winter garden it can be used as a separate building and as an annex, terraces, verandas, loggias, balconies, and also as separate corners of the room. An interesting interior solution is combining of the areas of the winter garden with a swimming pool.

The laws and principles of creating a winter garden in general coincide with the laws of the formation of conventional gardens, but because of the limited sizes and proximity to dwellings the errors in the design of the winter garden are much more striking. The most correct and successful design of a winter garden will be created with the involvement of professionals, an architect and a landscape designer to help you find the best technological and aesthetic solution for your winter garden.

Landscaping of premises in addition to the aesthetic load has great practical importance: with the help of plants the environment in premises recovers, required humidity of air is maintained and carbon dioxide is absorbed. Properly chosen and correctly placed the plants help relieve nervous tension, decorate the room, relax and give a feeling of comfort.
When you create a winter garden, you must first define its style - be it the exotic tropics, water garden, rocky landscape, a Japanese garden, Italian patio or a desert landscape. Depending on the style chosen the necessary plants are selected.. Care for a winter garden requires watering, hoeing, timely transplantation, treatment and pest control.